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How and When to Use a Roth IRA for College

Roth IRAs are known as excellent retirement savings accounts, but did you know they can also serve as a college savings option for your kids? Although a typical 529 plan is usually a better place to save for college, you may want to consider a Roth IRA in certain circumstances.   Advantages of a Roth […]

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Ways to Borrow Less for College

It’s okay, you can borrow money to attend college. Yes, you still need to figure out if a traditional four-year college education is what you want and need after high school (there are other options!), but once you’ve made that decision to go to a college, put some energy into figuring out how you’ll pay […]

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Tips on Saving on the Cost of (Good) Groceries

One thing that has surprised me working with financial planning clients is that every single client (and I mean everyone!) talks about the price of food and groceries. My younger clients decry the cost of feeding a family with growing kids. My retiree-type clients worry that they can afford as many restaurant meals as they’d […]

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Podcast: Summer College Planning Steps

I’m excited to be featured on a new podcast devoted to helping parents save money on the cost of college. It’s just 30 minutes, and we tried to focus our tips on families late in high school—what you should be doing this summer to prepare for the cost of college. Tune in if you want […]

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5 Common Misconceptions About Paying for College

Arnold Financial Planning – 5 Misconceptions About Paying For College on Vimeo. Planning for the cost of college is a big task and it can take you hours of research and conversations with colleges to do it right. Over and over, parents new to the process bring similar misconceptions that are helpful to knock out […]

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