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The Psychology of Retirement

We spend a huge portion of our careers and saving efforts preparing for when we leave our jobs behind and take the leap into retirement. There’s always a worry that we won’t have enough saved, or the market will take a turn and we’ll end up broke. Even in the media, the most popular retirement-related […]

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Do We Pay Off the Mortgage Early?

Note from Quinn: I am delighted to feature on the blog today a guest post from Jason Edwards. Jason is a Ph.D. and professor at Bridgewater State University in the Communications department. More importantly for this post, he’s an avid blogger on personal finance topics, and I respect his willingness to discuss financial issues and […]

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Basic Reasons for Financial Independence

Imagine you hit the ripe old age of 40, quit your job, and begin the next chapter in life. Plus, you never have to earn a paycheck again—no commute, no boss, no worry about where your income will come from. That scenario is many a disgruntled office worker’s dream, but increasingly some young (and not-so-young) […]

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