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Why We Do What We Do

Our stories are similar. As career professionals (Eric and Jean in telecommunications, Quinn in HR consulting), we didn't know who to turn to for trusted financial advice. Eric and Jean had a broker they learned wasn't truly an adviser, and Quinn floundered around the internet looking for answers.

After practicing separately for years, we founded Arnold and Mote Wealth Management to help families and professionals from all walks of life make better decisions about how to use their money.  Our clients are busy, with challenging careers and hectic family lives, and don’t always know where to turn for unbiased, quality guidance.  Sure, there’s the internet, but more than just information, they need a partner who can help them figure out goals and strategies.  Whether planning for their imminent retirement, struggling with setting aside money for their kids’ college years, or dreaming about a later-in-life career change, our clients want an independent voice to help them make and execute a plan.

We are based in Hiawatha, Iowa, but work virtually with clients as well.  You get access to the latest online tools to formulate your plan, and we can meet on your schedule, from the convenience of your home, office, or even the car!

More About Quinn

Quinn worked for nineteen years in HR consulting and corporate finance before realizing he wanted a more direct way to help people improve their lives.  When he's not working with clients, you’ll probably find him tag-teaming the work of raising two little boys with his wife, Brie. If there’s time left over, he'll be catching up on the Netflix queue or reading his way through an ever-growing stack of books. Quinn is a CFP® Professional and member of NAPFA and XY Planning Network. Learn more about Quinn

More About Jean and Eric Mote

Jean and Eric founded Mote Wealth Management in 2000, the first fee-only financial planning firm in Eastern Iowa. They also co-founded and co-led the Iowa NAPFA Study Group, and Jean served as a member of the NAFPA Midwest Board of Directors.

While Eric and Jean still consult the AMWM team and occasionally attend client meetings, they have retired from the firm’s day-to-day operations. They enjoy having more time to read, cook and enjoy the company of family and friends – with Finn and Gus by their side (their loveable Irish Doodles).

Before co-founding Mote Wealth Management, Jean was a high school English teacher and librarian, then held executive level positions at telecommunications companies. Eric worked in engineering technology and telecommunications, and also served in executive level positions and as an independent consultant.

Iowa Fee Only Financial Advisor

More About Matt

Matt worked for the Department of Defense as a material scientist before changing careers to follow his interests in personal finance and investing. Matt has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Kiplinger, and other nationally recognized finance publications. He lives in North Liberty, where you will likely find him and his wife Jessica walking their 2 dogs on a nice day. In his free time Matt is an avid reader, podcast listener, and beer brewer. Matt is a member of Fee Only Network, and XY Planning Network.

Nick Ford

More About Nick

After nearly 20 years of management in the commercial construction industry, Nick decided to change careers and pursue his long-time interests in investing and personal finance. As a financial planner, he especially enjoys designing strategy and tactics to help clients optimize their finances and feel more confident about their lives. When not in the office, Nick focuses his time on his wife, four daughters, and real estate investing. Learn more about Nick


More About Cindy

As our administrative assistant, Cindy is often the first member of the AMWM team you'll talk to and see at our office. She helps make sure Ts are crossed and Is are dotted for clients and the team. Like many other team members, Cindy has Minnesota roots but has also lived in Kansas and Colorado. Cindy enjoys spending free time with her husband, Chris, and playing games and doing puzzles with her daughter, Addy. She visits her son Trey in Colorado as often as she can. Learn more about Cindy


Industry Associations

We are proud members of both NAPFA and the XY Planning Network.  These organizations not only support our practice, but are key advocates for the need for fiduciary, fee-only financial planning in our lives.  Check them out!

      Proud member of XY Planning Network

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