Should You Delay Beginning Your IPERS Retirement Benefit?

For people approaching retirement who have an IPERS retirement benefit, you may be wondering if delaying your pension benefit is a good idea. IPERS is just one piece of a successful retirement plan, but for many it may be the most important to get right. Here’s what to know about beginning your IPERS benefit at retirement:

IPERS Pension Eligibility

First off, we should note what counts as retirement age for regular members:

  • Age 65,
  • Age 62, if you have 20 years of service, or,
  • Rule of 88– your age plus years of service needs to equal 88

ages for eligible IPERS retirement


Delaying past these timeframes, if you are intending to retire, doesn’t get you much– there is no additional benefit that’s earned by delaying. This is in contrast to some other corporate pensions or Social Security, which has a well-known increase in benefits if you wait past your Full Retirement Age.


Planning Retirement with IPERS

Figuring out your fixed income is a good first step as you begin to create your retirement plan. Some other important questions to ask:

When should you start Social Security?

What are your needs for cash flow early in retirement?

How should you use your investments early in retirement?

We have helped many of our IPERS clients create plans around their benefit and other investments.

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In that webinar we cover a few basics of the plan, such as calculating your benefit, and how to avoid costly mistakes with your benefit.

IPERS multiplier calculation

If you are looking for further information, the Member Handbook is also a great resource for answering your questions about your retirement benefit.

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