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We help people find purpose and happiness with money in their lives.

We want our clients to know why they work and what they plan to do with their money, so that they can lead their best lives and help those around them.

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Independent, Fee-Only, Fiduciary Services Designed to Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

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of us believe anyone using the designation “financial advisor” is required to give investment advice in our best interests.*

Arnold & Mote Wealth Management ALWAYS puts your interests first — that’s the fiduciary standard. * Alexis Leondis, “Brokers Are Fiduciaries, Survey Says,” Bloomberg Business, September 15, 2010

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84 : The average American who makes it to 65 will live to 84**

Are you saving enough? **Centers for Disease Control, “Table 22. Life Expectancy at Birth, at Age 65, and at Age 75, by Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin: United States, Selected Years, 1900-2010” (2011)