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4 Conversations You Need To Have With Your Kids Before College

As winter break draws to a close, many kids will be heading back to college. With that transition comes a new dynamic, especially where finances are concerned.  Having tough financial conversations with your kids isn’t easy and it sure isn’t always fun, but it is so important to ensure that you are both on the […]

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evaluate early retirement offer

Evaluating an Early Retirement Package or Voluntary Severance Offer

You have spent decades planning for retirement. Just when you think you have everything figured out and a concrete retirement plan in place - You get thrown a curveball. You were planning on retiring in a few years, but now your company is offering you an early retirement package. Sure, it comes with some extra pay - But what else should you consider? How do you begin to evaluate an early retirement offer? Should you accept the offer?

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401k to IRA

401k to IRA: Video

Have you ever wondered what to do with your 401k? One option is to roll your existing 401k to an IRA. Watch this video to learn more about your retirement saving.

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