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529 Plans

Want to know what you can use a 529 Pllan for? How about beneficiary rules that are specific to your 529 Plan? Watch now to learn more!

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The Psychology of Retirement

We spend a huge portion of our careers and saving efforts preparing for when we leave our jobs behind and take the leap into retirement. There’s always a worry that we won’t have enough saved, or the market will take a turn and we’ll end up broke. Even in the media, the most popular retirement-related […]

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No Fights: Marriage and Money Survival Skills

One of my favorite aspects of working with a new financial planning client is seeing how the person handles their money, and that goes doubly so for a married (or long-partnered) couple. It’s always interesting to see what relationship skills related to money evolve over time, and conversely what doesn’t evolve or get better.   […]

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How Do I Cover My Child with Health Insurance Until They Get a Job?

Whether your child is going off to college this fall or graduating in the spring, you’ve likely considered how you can make sure they get proper health insurance. Although most young adults don’t prioritize having access to healthcare, they also don’t know the cost of a trip to the urgent care clinic for a strep […]

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