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We offer the greatest value to clients with complex situations that require our expertise and experience over many years. As flat-fee advisors, our typical clients are:

  • Pre-retirees age 50 and over who have saved at least $1 million and want to delegate retirement planning and investment management.
  • Young professionals with an annual household income of at least $150,000 who are focused on saving and need comprehensive financial expertise.

Does this sound like you?

If not, here are resources you might find helpful in your search for financial planners.

If you are similar to our typical clients, here are a few things you should know about us:

We’re different than a lot of other “financial advisors”

We are fiduciaries and CFP® professionals, which means we are legally bound to always place your interests above ours.

That’s in stark contrast to other “advisors” who are only bound by suitability – what’s suitable for you is often not in your best interest.

Flat-Fee and Fee-only (aka commission-free)

Our pricing is simple. We charge a $9,000 per year flat fee for financial planning. If you would like us to manage your investments, the fee is $12,500 per year, an increase of $3,500 from our planning fee.

This $12,500 fee does not increase as you add assets. Whether you have $1 million or $3 million in assets - Your fee is the same.

Being a flat fee, commission-free firm eliminates hidden fees and conflicts of interest.

It’s a partnership, not a transaction

Successful wealth management and financial planning are built on quality relationships in which clients think of us as a longer-term financial partner.

Total return investment philosophy

We manage portfolios according to each client’s unique goals and values but all share several major tenants based on Nobel Prize-winning research: portfolio construction, diversification, cost minimization, disciplined rebalancing, tax efficiency, and simplicity.

We focus on what investors have the most control over rather than try to beat the market.

Investment management is just one part of what we do for you

While investment management is important to a successful plan, it is not the only factor. We take a holistic approach that includes retirement planning, college funding, taxes, insurance, estate planning, employer benefits, and charitable giving.

You get a dedicated team of experts

Whether you meet with us in person or virtually, you’ll work with the entire AMWM team of male and female financial planners and staff.

Multiple planners often work on client projects so we can draw on different experiences and opinions.

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We'll follow up in a few days to find out how you’d like to move forward. We want you to take some time to decide since we are looking for long-term client relationships.

If we are fortunate enough to be chosen by you, we'll explain next steps. If you decide to go a different route, no hard feelings! We can even refer you to other fee-only, fiduciary planners we trust.

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