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Turn IPERS Into a Comfortable Retirement

If you’re a public employee in the state of Iowa, you have an excellent pension system available to you as the foundation of your retirement plan. Put your state pension together with Social Security and other savings, and you should have enough money to retire. I’ll show you the basic calculation to do, as well […]

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The Future of (Your) Stock Market

We’ve had a rough month or so in the stock market, with more ups and downs (or what we call “volatility” in market lingo) than we’ve experienced in the past couple years. I don’t normally do an “investment newsletter” for my clients, because I think they’re boring to read and have little actionable advice for […]

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Important Retirement Age Milestones

This is not a standard list of ages at which you should take specific actions to have a good retirement.  You can find that sort of generic list elsewhere on the internet.  Your situation is unique, the retirement landscape is complex, and having a list of ages to “do something to secure your financial future” […]

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Are You Ready To Retire?

Are You Ready to Retire?: How to Navigate the Lead-Up to Retirement   Bob and Katie Carlson* couldn’t believe the good fortune they’d had in the stock market, and at our first meeting in my office, they talked rather sheepishly about a dream they could now actually see coming to pass: a comfortable retirement.  Certainly, […]

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