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Medicare Series Part One

A 65-year-old couple retiring in 2019 can expect to pay about $285,000 in medical costs according to the most recent Fidelity report. Did you think that healthcare would cost you that much? It is a surprising statistic, but one that is important to prepare for. Healthcare costs are on the minds of many pre-retirees and […]

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How To Create Income From Your Retirement Savings

For years you’ve diligently contributed to your retirement savings. You’ve funneled a portion of your paycheck into your 401(k), allocated money each month to personal retirement funds, and paid Social Security and Medicare taxes. But did you ever really picture the day when you would be withdrawing funds as opposed to contributing them? Retirement brings […]

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Ready For Retirement? Answer These 6 Questions First

Spontaneity can take us out of our comfort zones and force us to look at the world in a different way. But sometimes being spontaneous can cause stress and anxiety especially for those of us (myself included) who like to have a plan, a direction, and a clear path forward. In retirement planning, I think […]

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The Secret To A Happy Retirement

Jean-Jacques Rousseau said it best: Money can buy material things, but real happiness must be truly earned. The French philosopher was known for his ardent belief in people and the crucial role they played in society. Written in 1750, the phrase above is one of the earliest known uses of the common phrase money can’t […]

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3 Pillars Of Retirement Planning (Beyond Just Saving!)

Have you ever read a book that allowed you to choose your own path? You can either go left or right, open the door or keep it closed, you can decide the route the character takes. This interactive version of storytelling allows each reader to go on their own adventure within the text, choosing for […]

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