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What Are the Strengths of Iowa Colleges?

Most kids seeking a college will tend to stay fairly close to home. Yet even in Iowa that means families may have to choose between 5-10 good options for their high school senior. Standard wisdom holds that you should look at three factors of “fit” as you decide where to send your student: Social fit—does […]

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Money Questions to Ask on Your College Visits

The season of on-campus visits is upon us, so let’s get ready to ask those admissions counselors (and financial aid office staff) some thoughtful questions! You have a choice about how prepared you are going to be for the campus visit with your child. You are allowed to just show up, hear the dog-and-pony show […]

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No Fights: Marriage and Money Survival Skills

One of my favorite aspects of working with a new financial planning client is seeing how the person handles their money, and that goes doubly so for a married (or long-partnered) couple. It’s always interesting to see what relationship skills related to money evolve over time, and conversely what doesn’t evolve or get better.   […]

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Best Online Tools (Generally Free) for Retirement Planning

I am a financial planner by personality and by trade, and though I don’t make a living by reviewing the online tools available to help with retirement planning, I’m always interested in seeing what’s out there. For my own clients, I use sophisticated tools that help me model various scenarios with the future retiree, but […]

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What the Best College Values in Iowa Mean for Your Family

Each year, Kiplinger magazine puts out a list of the best college values. I encourage you to check it out, but come back to this post. There’s a critical discussion we need to have as parents and communities around what makes a college a good value for our children. And, there are practical steps you […]

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