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What the Best College Values in Iowa Mean for Your Family

Each year, Kiplinger magazine puts out a list of the best college values. I encourage you to check it out, but come back to this post. There’s a critical discussion we need to have as parents and communities around what makes a college a good value for our children. And, there are practical steps you […]

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What Are the Options for My 401(k) When I Retire?

You’ve worked for decades, diligently put aside money in your company’s 401(k) plan, and now you’re ready to make the leap to retirement. What are your options for that big nest egg you’ve accumulated in the 401(k)? Note: Get your hands on the plan document that governs your 401(k). Your HR department or third-party administrator […]

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Setting a Budget for Retirement

One of the more difficult tasks in planning your retirement is getting an accurate view of your ongoing expenses. In fact, once you’ve developed a reasonable sense of how much income you’ll have in retirement, figuring out your expenses is the only other major financial task before you retire (but there are several other non-financial […]

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The Small Business Owner’s Guide to College Funding

Are you a small business owner with a teenager bound for college? You should be taking advantage of a couple strategies that can reduce your college cost by thousands. What’s different about owning a business in the college planning process?  Income shifting and tax reduction, or the ability to reduce your personal income from the […]

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