Avoid Holiday Stress With a Smart Giving Strategy

Avoid Holiday Stress With a Smart Giving Strategy


1.) Holiday budget.

Start with your budget for holiday spending, and then come up with a list of people.  It’s natural to want to give more than you can afford, so first figure out what you can afford.


2.) How are you gifting?

Are you going deep or wide with gifts?  A few big gifts that are meaningful, or a wide mix of less expensive items? You can’t realistically do both.


3.) Write it down!

Santa does, you should, too.  We make mistakes and spend too much if it’s not on paper in front of us.


4.) Online shopping cart.

Make the online shopping cart your friend– swap gifts in and out, keeping an eye on your list and budget, and only purchase after you’re satisfied the gift meets your need and budget.


5.) Have fun!

The point of all this is to celebrate our love and friendship, and often the best gift has no monetary value.

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