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Yay for the HSA!

My younger son is pretty active and remarkably tough. His older brother is too, but the younger is that kind of little brother who always wants to play with the big kids, and can handle his own. So, it shouldn’t have been a surprise when we got the call a recent Thursday afternoon from his daycare.

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Reduce the College Price Sting—Using a Net Price Calculator

If you were buying a home today, would you just pick the number of bedrooms you need, and then start looking for houses?  Probably not.  Instead, you’d have a quick look at the market to see what’s a reasonable price for the type of homes you’re interested in, then start shopping for what you can […]

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“Should I rollover my old 401k?”

Today’s question is on a topic for anyone who has changed jobs, and an especially important point for millennials as they continue in their careers, and those who have worked at smaller companies that offer a 401k retirement plan. Today's Question is: "Should I Rollover my 401k?"

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