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Tips to Take the Stress Out of Money This Year

Whether you have more money than you need, or are struggling each month to get by, recognizing the stress money plays in our lives is the first step to relieving some of it (and it’s normal to have some money stress!).  For 2018, consider the following steps: 1.) Compartmentalize the worry When you have a […]

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Why You Need the Iowa 529 Plan for Your Child

Hey Iowans!  Why You Need the Iowa 529 Plan for Your Child The people of Iowa would like to give you $324 for doing something you really ought to be doing anyway. That $324* is the value of the Iowa state tax deduction you get for contributing this year to the Iowa 529 plan.  And […]

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Get on top of your credit score in 2018!

1. Don’t ever miss a payment The easiest way to do this is to setup automatic payments or payment reminders through your bank or credit card. 2. Pay down ‘revolving’ debt Do this first! (These are aka credit cards) This has the biggest impact on your credit score of all debt repayment. 3. Should you […]

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How to Pick the Best College Once You Get an Acceptance Letter   College acceptance season is upon us.  But in all the excitement, it is also time to ensure you are not about to bury yourself, or your child, in student loan debt. The college application process can be tiring, but your work is […]

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Important Retirement Age Milestones

This is not a standard list of ages at which you should take specific actions to have a good retirement.  You can find that sort of generic list elsewhere on the internet.  Your situation is unique, the retirement landscape is complex, and having a list of ages to “do something to secure your financial future” […]

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