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Kiplinger: Earn 3.54% With Series I Bonds

With interest rates on most savings accounts and certificates of deposit paying well under 1%, the (current) 3.54% composite rate on newly issued Series I savings bonds is hard to ignore. We were interviewed for this article on Kiplinger about how iBonds fit into your cash savings strategy and what to be aware of before buying.


Yahoo Finance: What Millennials Can Learn From Gen X’s Money Mistakes:

In this interview for an article published on Yahoo Finance, we discussed one thing that millennials may want to do differently than their parent's generation when it comes to retirement savings.


The Wall Street Journal: Should Retirees Pay Off Their Mortgage or Invest the Money? It Depends on the Math

In this interview with The Wall Street Journal, we look at what to consider before eliminating your home loan during retirement. If you have a majority of your assets in a tax deferred retirement account such as an IRA or 401(k), large purchases in retirement can lead to large tax bills. In the article, we talk about one way retirees buying a home can avoid this tax pitfall that many retirees find themselves in.



Deciding whether to rent or buy a home can have you talking yourself into financial circles. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your financial fitness, how long you plan to live in the home and what your cash flow looks like. In this interview with CNN, we talk about 3 questions to ask yourself to make sure you're ready.


The Wall Street Journal: Should You Consider Early Retirement in a Recession?

As the coronavirus pandemic stretches on, it is becoming more and more common for employers to offer severance, separation, or early retirement offers to their employees.

While the lump sum payment can be enticing, what else do you need to consider before accepting an offer? In this article in The Wall Street Journal, we were interviewed to provide a few tips on adjusting your financial plan when an offer is on the table.


Legal Zoom: How Stimulus Checks Complicate 2020 Tax Filing

As another potential stimulus bill is being drafted, it may be at your advantage (or disadvantage!) to file your income taxes right away. In this article we were interviewed to discuss a few scenarios when it might make sense to file your taxes as soon as possible this year, and when it might make more sense to wait as long as possible.


The Simple Dollar: Should COVID-19 Change Your Retirement Plans?

We were recently interviewed for an article on The Simple Dollar about how the coronavirus pandemic is changing retirement plans. Should you work longer than you were originally planning? What lessons should investors learn from the pandemic about their investments? We cover those topics here.


Yahoo Finance: Americans struggle to tap home equity amid coronavirus pandemic

We were recently interviewed for an article in Yahoo Finance about the impact that coronavirus is having on those trying to tap their home equity for cash.

The general lesson? If you are, or plan to be, dependent on debt to make ends meet you should be aware that at times you need it most, debt financing may not be there for you. Having an emergency fund in cash is immensely important to have in times like we are experiencing today.


KCRG: Advice on what to do with your stimulus check

We were recently interviewed by KCRG on the topic of stimulus checks that were sent out due to the CARES Act.

We give a few priorities to consider; emergency savings, paying off debt, and saving. We also discuss the best place to save your stimulus check for tax efficiency and long term growth.


Forbes: The Unexpected Dangers Of Paying Off Student Loans With Your 401(k) Savings

A new bill circulating Congress proposes to allow college graduates pay their student loans tax and penalty free from their 401(k) - Is this a good idea?

For this article in Forbes, we were interviewed on whether those paying student loans should take advantage of this potential offer.


The Simple Dollar: 3 Reasons it Might be Better to Rent in 2021

Buying a house is a big commitment, and is not always the best course of action. In this article on The Simple Dollar, we were interviewed to discuss times where it might make sense to rent instead of buy. 529 Savings Plans: An Online Guide for College Students

We were interviewed for this guide for the Student Training and Education in Public Service Organization which takes a thorough look at 529 college savings accounts. The article covers everything from opening your account to claiming the tax deductions for contributions.


GoBankingRates: What the Next Election Year Will Do To Your Finances

As the election looms, uncertainty reins. It is always a mistake to make drastic changes to your investment plan based on politics. However, there are things you can do today to help hedge against potential changes.

In this article, we are quoted talking about the potential benefits of performing Roth conversions with the potential of an increase in tax rates.


Redfin: Tips to Save for a House Down Payment

A house can be the largest purchase you make in your life. And coming up with the money for a down payment can be tough, whether you are just entering the workforce, or retired.

We are quoted in this article by Redfin on the best way for retirees to come up with a down payment, without causing a large tax bill.


Bankrate: 10 secrets your financial planner may not be telling you

There is more to working with a financial planner than just investments. In fact it is often your spending, saving, earning, and care for your physical and emotional health that has the largest impacts on your financial plan.

We are quoted in the article from Bankrate on the one thing you don't need to worry about when working with a financial planner.


Wex Heath: Here’s Why an HSA Might Make Sense

HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) are one of the best tax deferred savings accounts available. As health care costs continue to rise, HSAs are becoming a vital tool for successful retirement planning.

We are quoted in the article on the importance of using a HSA to sock away money, even if you don't need it right away.


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