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How To Teach Your Kids To Save Money

How did you first learn about money? Was it a piggy bank where you stashed away the money you earned from chores? Was it when you realized you had to pay this thing called taxes? Was it when you learned (maybe the hard way) that a credit card isn’t actually free? No matter when you […]

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Basic Reasons for Financial Independence

Imagine you hit the ripe old age of 40, quit your job, and begin the next chapter in life. Plus, you never have to earn a paycheck again—no commute, no boss, no worry about where your income will come from. That scenario is many a disgruntled office worker’s dream, but increasingly some young (and not-so-young) […]

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Tips on Saving on the Cost of (Good) Groceries

One thing that has surprised me working with financial planning clients is that every single client (and I mean everyone!) talks about the price of food and groceries. My younger clients decry the cost of feeding a family with growing kids. My retiree-type clients worry that they can afford as many restaurant meals as they’d […]

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