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How To Incorporate Kids Into Your Financial Plan

When you choose to have children you are embarking on one of the greatest adventures of your life. Children change you: they change your habits, routines, priorities, and even the way you see the world. There are many tasks that consume the lives of new parents from diaper changes to lost stuffed animals to piles […]

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How To Manage Competing Financial Goals

70% of wealthy millennial families are prioritizing college funds as opposed to retirement savings. This study by Personal Capital also found that 64% of the participants with children said their kids expected them to pay for college. There is increasing pressure for parents to pay for their child’s education, but the cost of such an […]

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Do We Pay Off the Mortgage Early?

Note from Quinn: I am delighted to feature on the blog today a guest post from Jason Edwards. Jason is a Ph.D. and professor at Bridgewater State University in the Communications department. More importantly for this post, he’s an avid blogger on personal finance topics, and I respect his willingness to discuss financial issues and […]

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Avoid Holiday Stress With a Smart Giving Strategy

Avoid Holiday Stress With a Smart Giving Strategy   1.) Holiday budget. Start with your budget for holiday spending, and then come up with a list of people.  It’s natural to want to give more than you can afford, so first figure out what you can afford.   2.) How are you gifting? Are you […]

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