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How Do I Cover My Child with Health Insurance Until They Get a Job?

Whether your child is going off to college this fall or graduating in the spring, you’ve likely considered how you can make sure they get proper health insurance. Although most young adults don’t prioritize having access to healthcare, they also don’t know the cost of a trip to the urgent care clinic for a strep […]

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Smart Options for Your Home in the Lead-Up to Retirement

You’re getting ready to retire within the next five years. You’ve carefully researched your options for Social Security and your 401(k), and you’ve diligently mapped out how much income you’ll have to meet your daily living expenses. Great, you’re on the right track for retirement! But don’t forget about your plan for that big asset […]

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Turn IPERS Into a Comfortable Retirement

If you’re a public employee in the state of Iowa, you have an excellent pension system available to you as the foundation of your retirement plan. Put your state pension together with Social Security and other savings, and you should have enough money to retire. I’ll show you the basic calculation to do, as well […]

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The Future of (Your) Stock Market

We’ve had a rough month or so in the stock market, with more ups and downs (or what we call “volatility” in market lingo) than we’ve experienced in the past couple years. I don’t normally do an “investment newsletter” for my clients, because I think they’re boring to read and have little actionable advice for […]

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