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Money Questions to Ask on Your College Visits

The season of on-campus visits is upon us, so let’s get ready to ask those admissions counselors (and financial aid office staff) some thoughtful questions! You have a choice about how prepared you are going to be for the campus visit with your child. You are allowed to just show up, hear the dog-and-pony show […]

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No Fights: Marriage and Money Survival Skills

One of my favorite aspects of working with a new financial planning client is seeing how the person handles their money, and that goes doubly so for a married (or long-partnered) couple. It’s always interesting to see what relationship skills related to money evolve over time, and conversely what doesn’t evolve or get better.   […]

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Best Online Tools (Generally Free) for Retirement Planning

I am a financial planner by personality and by trade, and though I don’t make a living by reviewing the online tools available to help with retirement planning, I’m always interested in seeing what’s out there. For my own clients, I use sophisticated tools that help me model various scenarios with the future retiree, but […]

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What the Best College Values in Iowa Mean for Your Family

Each year, Kiplinger magazine puts out a list of the best college values. I encourage you to check it out, but come back to this post. There’s a critical discussion we need to have as parents and communities around what makes a college a good value for our children. And, there are practical steps you […]

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What Are the Options for My 401(k) When I Retire?

You’ve worked for decades, diligently put aside money in your company’s 401(k) plan, and now you’re ready to make the leap to retirement. What are your options for that big nest egg you’ve accumulated in the 401(k)? Note: Get your hands on the plan document that governs your 401(k). Your HR department or third-party administrator […]

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